Plano Masjid Progress Update – January 16, 2021

On Saturday, January 16, 2020 – a progress meeting was held at the Masjid Site with the Architect and Contractor.

Meeting Details:

  • With Covid-19 being a known reality and the increased need to have an advanced and certified, medical-grade air purification system- M. Abdullah Bhai Kagalwala has been involved in researching the Masjid air filtration systems for HVAC. This will complement other cleaning regimes.
  • Our Masjid amongst many things signifies our privilege of being a part of McKinney – the great state of Texas and proud residents of the United States of America. As a representation of our patriotism – we are working with the City to have a flag pole placed on the Masjid grounds.
  • Currently the Hatch / Roof Access ladder is located near the elevator in a storage room. As is the nature in construction – city codes tend to change over time – hence now, per the new code, the roof hatch needs to be relocated. Considering high traffic areas and city requirements – it was decided to relocate this to the women’s lounge.
  • The sample of interior finish materials were shown by Shirin (Shabana) Bahen Hakim Ali and discussed on the site but the final decision would be made during the design meeting on Friday.
  • To maintain the finished height of the main Masjid area – previously a revised HVAC duct plan was made. Currently, ductwork of the revised plan is going on.
  • The window frames are on site. Monday, January 18th – the installation will initiate.
  • The brick and stonework will commence the first week of February.
  • The framer will start working on the modification of the door area from Monday, January 18, 2020.