Dawoodi Bohra Community PR Leads attend September 11th Event at MCKinney

There are many aspects of building a Masjid and creating a Community. The City of McKinney is where Anjuman-e-Taheri, Plano, Collin County is doing Tameer of our Masjid.

One aspect of building a Masjid, is becoming a meaningful part of the greater community. To that end, Plano PR Committee has planted the seeds of making this happen.

Today, Plano PR Leads -were invited and attended s 9/11 Remembrance / Memorial Event by the City of McKinney and specifically to the opening event.

It was really great to meet with the Mayor of McKinney and his Wife Maylee.

Both the PR leads had a good conversation with the Congressman from our district – Representative Van Taylor. The Congressman asked us to keep in touch, let him know if there was anything he could help us with, and told us that he would like to visit Masjid Site and meet the local Community Leader.

The PR Leads also met a Police Chief that was present during 9/11, along with McKinney Police. They have always been supportive of us.

Abde Syednal Mufadda Aali Qadr (TUS)
Aliasger Shk Saifuddin Rasheed
Aamil Saheb & President