Plano Masjid Progress Update – April 10, 2021

As we approach Shehrullah, there has been a lot of momentum and enthusiasm for the Mumineen of Plano with Mumineen from all over, including India, visiting.

Shehrulla Mubarak and we hope ke aa mahina ni hurmat si Khuda nu gher nu kaam jaldi tamaam thai ane Masjid na Mamsool Moula (TUS) tashreef laawe.

Masjid and Meeting Updates:

  • Brick and Stucco’s work have been moving ahead. Cast stone and Columns have been delivered to the Masjid Site.
  • M. Abdulqadir Bhai and Dr. Maria Bahen Vajihi & Family will be doing the khidmat of carpeting for the Masjid and Masjid Complex.
  • Asmaullah’s work is in progress.
  • A meeting was held with the Architect and Contractors to discuss change orders and work pending. These meetings are getting more frequent as we approach the completion of the Masjid Project.
  • The making of this Masjid and the collective journey have touched many. A poem was written and recently recited by Farida Bahen Shipchandler about the Journey of Making a Masjid in McKinney.