Plano Masjid Progress Update – December 18, 2020

Along with Masjid Updates, a meeting was held to discuss and finalize the Audio / Visual, Acoustics – aspect of the Masjid.

Masjid Updates and Audio / Video Meeting Details:

  • The 2nd floor eleven window framings have been completed.
  • At the Mehrab – the steel columns have been raised to 15ft. The steel beams have been fit and 80% of the framing work has been completed.
  • Poured concrete for the remaining side walk which was left out because of the new manhole connection.
  • Poured concrete for the steps on the Womens side stairs.
  • Plumbing, electrical, and Framing work has progressed.
  • HVAC (RTU) units have been installed at the roof.
  • Wood blockings provided at the parapet (a low protective wall along the edge balcony.)

Speaker Vendor gave a demo and explained the Surround Sound Technology.

  • Explanation of Speakers: EDC Speakers with a technology that enables end-users the ability to create 3D wave fronts. Each speaker is capable of vertical and horizontal steering as well as customizable wave shaping, allowing re-configurable pattern control to suit any venue.
  • While the manufacturer and the project manager is working with M. Murtaza bhai Dabbawala on the details, there will be only 2 speakers instead of 20 in the Main Masjid Area – Including Marado and Bairao – providing equal sound distribution in the front as well as back of Masjid.