Plano Masjid Progress Update – Friday , January 13, 2022

We ended 2022 and began the first day of the New Year 2023 with the nemat of visit of Saheb e Dawat Shehzada Malekul Ashtar Bhai Saheb (DM)

May we soon see the day when Shehzada Saheb (DM) brings Aqa Moula (TUS) to Plano with the Niyat of Iftetah.

Along with this highlight, please see below for Masjid Updates – specifically the final wrap up of building sealing work that was necessitated by water leakage issues.

  • Stone Glazing Contractor sprayed the wall surface adjacent to the storefront door for 15 minutes. No water penetration.
  • Contractor sprayed the window on the West Elevation for 15 minutes. No water penetration was observed
  • Contractor sprayed the wall section on the North Elevation for 15 minutes. No water penetration was observed.
  • On another front, a Certificate of Dedication was notarized establishing “Anjuman-e-Taheri Community Cemetery,” dedicating such property exclusively to cemetery purposes.
  • In terms of Sealing of the building Project, what remains is the Roof Penetration issue.
  • Mumineen and their Respected Mehmano from other states continue to visit Plano Masjid.