Plano Masjid Progress Update – Friday, May 12, 2022

Over the last couple of weeks, Many mumineen visitors continue to visit the Masjid Site.

Also, during and immediately after Ramazaan, meetings / discussions have taken place with Architect and various contractors. As previously reported, we were fortunate to discover various water leakage related issues.

Although these issues do not affect the viability of the building in terms of Approvals, Inspections, and usability – they are still important part of the final checklist in ensuring the Masjid is up to date.

Masjid Related Updates:

  • A consultant was called to look at the water leakage issue on the terrace and the exterior.
    • Per the consultant the biggest route of the water seeping in is from the exterior wall and through the back of the wall down into the kitchen and mens rest room, because there is no flashing at bottom of any wall and therefore all the water getting into the wall from the rain has no way to drain out at the bottom.
    • The same holds true for all all exterior walls. The complete perimeter was checked and flashing was not found at any point. There are also large gaps in grouts and joints between cast stone and stucco which allows water to seep in.
    • A complete report will be written up, suggesting the corrective plan of action and also guaranteeing the repair work through vendors.
  • Crown Audio Video – our new Vendor who was vetted and contracted a couple of weeks back and is now diligently finishing the AV work.
    • Kitchen TV is installed. Crown added an outlet for it, and Identified and cleaned wires to have them ready for rack.
    • Sabaq / Majlis Room TV, 2nd Floor Meeting Room TV, and 1st Floor Meeting Room TV was installed.
    • Speaker wire was run for shoe area, as well as speaker wire for outdoor speakers All cameras have now been installed. The wires on those 3 TVs have been identified. TVHeights was discussed.
    • Outdoor speakers were installed and new wires were run to the Women’s Grand Hall speakers.
    • Mics were wired into the mixer.
    • Detailed wiring: Crown worked on Rack work and connections. Ran 4 mic wire and one cat6 for the podium in the middle of the Main Masjid Area. Ran cat6 for the kitchen tv. Camera patch panel installed and wired.