Plano Masjid Progress Update – Friday, November 11, 2022

Masjid Updates:

  • Exterior Mediation work of Masjid – The balcony work is complete except for minor adjustments to the installed door.
  • For the last few weeks, crevices and windows sealant work has been in progress. Perimeter of the 1st-floor windows as well as metal to metal joints have been sealed. The glass of the 1st-floor windows have been wet sealed.
  • Exterior Lighting is generally something that is done to outline a Masjid and celebrate certain occasions – specifically Milad, Moula (tus) Tashreef Aawri (Inshallah).
  • Recently an event was held at Plano Masjid and lighting work was done.
  • The third party vendor informed us that any time a penetration is done (ex. screw drilled to put lights on Masjid exterior), holes would need to be filled such as to not cause any leakage.
  • Other solutions were considered as well. For ex. Using any sort of heated glue is not a viable long term solution.