Plano Masjid Progress Update – June 2nd, 2021

Please note and read through – this week’s Masjid Updates are longer than usual only because it has been an eventful week.

This week’s Masjid updates center around the trip to Qahera (Misr, Egypt). Along with me – from the Masjid Committee Shk. Mohammed Bhai Khurrum and Murtaza Bhai Tinwala visited Qahera and were immensely involved in the finalization process. We did Ziarat of Rasul Imam Husain (SA) and Syedaat – from outside – _with the Niyat that Moula (tus) performs Ashara in Houston, and we get the Sharaf of Iftetah Inshallah. _

A special thanks to Shk. Mohammed Bhai Hebatullah who dedicated his valuable time and efforts and was instrumental in our process of finalizing chandeliers for our Masjid. His father, Marhoom Miasaheb Shk. Hebatullah was very enthusiastic about helping us, and we had Zoom Meetings that ignited the spark of getting the chandeliers from Qahera.

  • We visited the Kindil factory on Sunday, May 30, 2021, to discuss the design and sizes of the complete Chandelier and scones requirements. Identified the designs and determined the sizes that would be best suited for the Masjid based on the Masjid dimensions at different locations. We also discussed the types of crystals that would be used in the making of the chandeliers and reviewed the manufacturing process of the framework for the chandeliers.
  • On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, we visited the showroom to review the revised drawings that the manufacturer had prepared and discuss the pricing, shipping, packaging, shipping, and other related details.

The following has been finalized and order placed with Kandil:

  • Center Chandelier: will have a 3 tier chandelier of a size of 1.9 Meters in Diameter and 2.7 meters in length.
  • The small Chandeliers that will go around the center Chandelier will be 2 tier design and 0.95 meters in diameter and 1.3 meters in length.
  • The chandeliers that will be used in the Men’s Sehen area will be on the same theme as the masjid, but a different design and the sizes will be 1 meter in diameter and 1.3 meters in length.
  • The fixtures that will be used in the men’s and women’s ceiling underside will be a part of the same design as the Center chandelier . The ones to be made for the men’s section will be 1.2 meters in Dia and 0.6 meters in height, and the women’s section will be 0.9 meters in diameter and 0.4 meters in height.
  • The Chandelier for the foyer (Masjid entrance) will be different from the design in the Sehen/Masjid area. The size for that piece will be 2 meters in Dia and 3 meters in length.
  • Wall scones will be replicated as the same design as the Main Masjid chandelier.
  • We met with Juzer Bhai from Mumbai, who works on Asmaullah and Marasiya tablets, discussing and finalizing.
  • At the Masjid Site – the dome was put on the minaret.