Plano Masjid Progress Update – May 5th, 2021

As we have entered the final days of Ramadan, construction of the Plano Masjid has been ongoing.

The highlight and a milestone was a few days ago, Mumineen of Plano got Wajebaat Araz / Ziafat Sharaf of Aqa Moula (tus). We were asked by Moula (tus) if Masjid was ready. Mumineen did Araz ke “Moula (tus) padhaare and Masjid nu Iftetah farmaawe”. It is with that Niyat that Mumineen, Muminaat, and their families continue to visit the Masjid Site.

Dua ni iltemaas.

On Saturday, May 1, 2021 – a progress meeting was held at the Masjid Site with the Architect and Contractor.

Meeting Details and other updates:

  • Masonary Work will be completed in one month.
  • On another end, Takhat is almost ready in Pakistan and we just received a shipment of Takhat Bichat on Milad Day.
  • Architect / GC confirmed that work will be completed by July 31, 2021 – with the exception of some decorative items – so that we can receive CO (Certification of Occupancy).
  • Contractor confirmed that the electrical work for the AV people is complete. The contractor will meet with the electrical sub on Monday.
  • Plumbing Inspection is scheduled for Tuesday morning, hence Framing Work will start on Wednesday.
  • Murtuza Bhai Tinwala (Viva Railings) confirmed that glasses of the windows would be delivered in 3 weeks.
  • HVAC vendor confirmed that they could do the walls in two weeks and then after that is completed, another two weeks for the ceiling. Work will commence this week.
  • As we are approaching the end of the project, every alternate Wednesday all subcon meetings will be held.
  • Tile Work will begin on the second-floor patios immediately. Tile work at these locations is very essential now to avoid water flowing inside the building during rain.
  • Contractor confirmed that the Entry plaza will be completed by mid-June.