Plano Masjid Progress Update – Monday, February 21, 2022

On Saturday, February 19, 2022 – a progress meeting was held at the Masjid Site with the Architect and Contractor.

Masjid Updates / Meeting Details:

  • We are appreciative of the City of McKinney for their proactive outreach and working with us on achieving the Certificate of Occupancy.
  • In any construction project, there are multiple inspections that conclude with the Building Final (inspection). It is a process that involves knowledge of current city codes and code updates that happen along the way.

Inspection items range from proper running of AC to additional grass on sidewalk areas and marking of valves with a “V”.

The ticket items that are now pending / being worked on for the CO are:

  • Exhaust Fan in the Women’s Restroom.
  • Stickers on all tempered glass.
  • Elevator Inspection.
  • Railings on 2nd Floor.
  • Extra caulking on drive in one location.
  • Paperwork.
  • French Chandelier has been installed in the Foyer.
  • Main Masjid Chandelier and 4 surrounding Chandeliers have been installed.
  • Intricate Qibla work continues.