Plano Masjid Progress Update – November 30, 2020

Mumineen from Plano, Dallas, Houston, and other places continue to visit the Masjid Site.

Masjid Progress Updates:

  • The revised HVAC were discussed with HVAC subcon, Mechanical Engineer, and Contractor. The new duct depth is 13″ at the main prayer hall. HVAC subcon will make the changes accordingly on other ducts on this area – turnaround time 4 weeks. As this is an independent item it will not put any other work on hold.
  • Ceiling height – 23′-8″ flat ceiling at the main prayer hall and 3′-8″ openings above the railings on women’s floor. “Asmaullah” will be at an angle at the crown mold of the main prayer hall.
  • A decision was made concerning the following: At the men’s Sahen area the coffered ceiling soffit is 11′-8″ and the main ceiling is 12′-00″.
  • In the next two weeks the roofing, exterior framing, and sheathing, rough electrical work, wall insulation work will be done.
  • Contractor will run the water, power, and drainage at the fountain area.
  • Brick and Stone will be delivered at around mid-December 2020.
  • There was some concern about the type of fence that could be installed. The City has gotten back that there are no restrictions on fence type.
  • The plantation of trees will begin late next week as per the city approved landscape drawings.