Plano Masjid Progress Update – October 10th, 2020

On Thursday, October 10th, 2020 – a meeting was held at the Masjid Site. Plano Masjid Committee, Board of Directors, and Mumineen & Muminaat from Plano and Dallas were in attendance.

Meeting Details:

  • Layout of initial planned kitchen and 3 proposed layouts were discussed.
  • A walk through of the kitchen was done, with explanation of entry, dry areas, wet areas, placement of stoves, etc was discussed.
  • ️Flow was discussed from perspective of cooking, kitchen layout, thaal / thaali preparation and serving. FMB Team members and Muminaat partook in the discussion and asked questions.
  • ️Changes were proposed in terms of big wall vs. pony wall, distance between cooking stovetop and island, fridge / freezer area, running of pipes and extra storage area. Updates will be conveyed to GC onsite on Monday.