Plano Masjid Progress Updates – Saturday, October 1, 2022

Interior work continues as well as mediation meetings to come to a common ground / compromise with contractors.

Masjid Updates:

  • Ya Sayeda Shohada, Fulkul Husain, and Zikrul Husain tablets have been installed.
  • Prep / Planning work for Asmauallah installation is in progress.
  • Round 1 and 2 of Mediation meetings were held with the contractors. The goal of the mediator is to improve communication between the parties, help to clarify facts, steers the discussion making sure that it is relevant to the topic at hand, identifies legal issues, explores options and helps parties to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution.
  • After various meetings and discussion with 3rd Party experts, it has been concluded that exterior wall remediation is needed This includes:

Documentation on scope of work, safety guidelines. testing and schedule / time frame.
sealants to be installed at the balconies.
Replacing of existing door that kept a gap – from balcony to room.
Installation of thresholds at various doors – to prevent water from coming in.
Construction Team viewing mock up of sealant colors – from various shades to translucent.
Window seal discussion and mock ups.