Plano Masjid Progress Update – September 11 2021

On Saturday, September 11, 2021 – a progress meeting was held at the Masjid Site with the Architect and Contractor. The discussion centered around the various inspections scheduled this week.

Meeting Details:

  • Kitchen: Order for Pot-Fillers was placed during the meeting. These Pot-Fillers are heavy duty, commercial grade with heat resistant gussets. (Gusset plate is a plate for connecting beams and girders to columns).
  • HVAC inspection is scheduled for Monday (tomorrow),for the RTUs only. It was confirmed that according to the HVAC-contractor, city has agreed to issue the final approval on HVAC if RTUs meet the requirements.
  • A Final Inspection for electrical has been scheduled for Tuesday. The Contractor has informed the Masjid committee that all items required and pointed out by the city are taken care of and should pass the inspection smoothly.
  • The gas lines are hooked with the kitchen equipment. The architect required of contractor during the meeting to cove base or schluter (edging and trimming) on all walls and kitchen floor before the final inspection is called for.
  • The contractor has informed that the Final inspection for the fire sprinkler and fire alarm would be called on Wednesday.
  • The contractor has informed that The MEP inspection, Civil Inspection, the landscaping and irrigation inspection and all other final inspections will be done by Thursday.
  • As discussed in last site meeting the pony wall between dish wash and mob sink and between mob sink and Vent-A-Hood is constructed.
  • An account with Atmos Energy will be opened by early next week.
  • The Covid Filters have been installed and are operational throughout the Masjid. These filters are integrated with HVAC system. Deborah Leah Brix (Served as White House Coordinator for Covid 19 response) is the one spearheading the technology used in Plano Masjid as Covid 19 filters.
  • The Qibla Marble has arrived from Makrana, India. This will be installed once the Occupancy Permit is issued.
  • The day ended with the 12 Umoor KhidmatGuzaars gathering and discussing the organizations and their involvement in different areas of the Masjid going forward.