Plano Masjid Progress Update – September 27th, 2021

With Masjid Construction nearing completion the Building and Fire Marshall from the city of McKinney visited the site to perform final inspections.

Meeting Details:
The Inspectors, took out their valuable time visiting the Masjid site This is not the usual practice, and we appreciate their efforts and cooperation.

A few details and work that were pointed out during the visit

  • Sheetrock in the Qibla area was to be removed to show the fire sprinkler.
  • The city wanted us to pressurize the sprinklers to show operational pressure in the riser room.
  • Install fire alarm panel and activate with proper connections.
  • Remove deadbolt locks from all doors that have a panic device.
  • Since the elevator is still to be installed and the area secured – the city wanted us to anchor the temporary barricade in front of the elevator shaft.
  • We had to grade and leval out area outside the west exit door.
  • All the debris beyond the concrete were removed.

The goal in getting the pre inspection done was with the Niyat to get the special permit to hold Imam Husain (SA) Chehlum Majlis under the Sadarat of AaliWaqaar Syedi Shz Malekul Ashtar BS in the Masjid.

We, perform Shukur na Sajadaat in the Khidmat of AaliWaqaar Shz Saheb (DM) for gracing the Mumineen of Plano with the Sharaf.
A very successful event carried out by Plano and Dallas Mumineen, where everyone from both the Jamaats came together from Niyat to Planning to leading teams – all through changing timelines.

It is our Ummeed that Shz AaliWaqaar (DM) Moula tus ne lai ne Plano ane Dallas padhare. Moula tus Plano Masjid nu Iftetah farmawe, Ek ek Mumineen na gher ma Tashreef laawe ane jem Shz Saheb (DM) farmayu ke Moula Ghana khush thai.