Plano Masjid Progress Update – September 4 2021

On Saturday, September 4, 2021 – a progress meeting was held at the Masjid Site with the Architect and Contractor.

Meeting Details and other Updates:

  • It was noticed that the dish washer was bigger than the specified size and to accommodate the dish washer next to the mop sink, the existing low wall must be demolished. Two new walls with SS finish will be constructed.
  • The air-condition system (RTUs) was turned on and the areas are cooling well. Muslim Bhai Nazarali informed that VRM system would need to be inspected and approved by LG people. The inspection will happen on September 08, 2021.
  • A concern was raised re: access panels. This will happen after the CO (Certificate of Occupancy).
  • The same architectural motifs will be used throughout.
  • The fence contractors were working on the site today and hope to get the final inspection done by September 08, 2021.
  • The Electrical Inspection is set to be wrapped up by Tuesday morning – Sep 7, 2921.
  • The hand sinks will be relocated to the grand hall next to the women’s restroom. In the near future, the small sinks will be replaced by bigger ones.
  • A large size, stackable washer / dryer will be put in the room near the elevator.
  • The takhat room will be closed by a double door.
  • The Masjid was featured in the Frisco Community Impact Paper – with details of our Masjid Project.