Plano Masjid Progress Update – Thursday, February 17, 2022

As we enter the days of Ayaam ul Barakaatul Khuldiya and edge closer to Shehrullah il Moazzam – we wish for a speedy, but thorough finish of the interior of the Masjid.

During these days of Ayaamul Beez and Ayaam ul Barakaat ul Khuldiya, mumineen are visiting the Masjid site, reciting Dua, doing niyat of monthly Darees, especially with the niyat of completion of Masjid Project.

On site, work is continuing at the scheduled pace.

Masjid Updates:

  • MVS – Audio/Video/Security company is working on installation areas of screens.
  • Atrium Area French Chandelier has now been assembled and will be installed.
  • “Bismillah”, side pillars, and interior of Qibla – all in marble, have been installed as Qibla Work progresses.