Plano Masjid Progress Update – Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Masjid / Masjid Related Updates:

  • The chandelier installation process has begun with assembly of Crystals.
  • The Qibla contractor has started the marble installation. There is an exposed sprinkler pipe on top of the Mehrab that will be rerouted.
  • The complete wall rail on the West stair was installed at the wrong height and had to be taken out.

Also there is no blocking inside the wall and the rail was installed using toggle bolts – that is not how rails should be installed. The toggle bolts can wear out after some time.

Railing re-installation is being done by Viva Railings.

  • As we are completing our Masjid Project, the number of families in Plano are growing and we are looking forward to an establishment of Madrasa. Taalim Khidmat Guzars from Los Angeles visited Plano Masjid during their Dallas trip.