Plano Masjid Progress Updates – October 16th, 2021

On Saturday, October 16, 2021 – a progress meeting was held at the Masjid Site with the Architect and the Contractor.

Meeting Details:

  • The Contractor has confirmed that the final inspections of electrical and plumbing are scheduled for Monday, Oct 18th, 2021.
  • The Contractor confirmed that the installation of elevator will start from Monday and it will take 10 working days. The elevator and related parts were delivered to the site last week.
  • The smoke test is done and submitted to the city. It has passed.
  • The Contractor confirmed that the LG (manufacturer of HVAC units) will start working on testing of HVAC from Monday early morning.
  • The Contractor informed that Atmos energy will bring the GAS on October 21, 2021. Account with Atmos has been initiated to avoid any delays.
  • Diaz, the irrigation contractor has been approached to give us the price for the hydro seeding and temporary irrigation system for the 2nd phase building area. Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a semi-liquid mixture that consists of seed and mulch. It is often used as an erosion control technique on construction sites, as an alternative to the traditional process of sowing dry seed.
  • The architect will visit fast sign on Monday for the interior signage of the building.

Milaad un Nabi (SWA) Mubarak Mohanna thai, Khuda Ta’ala Aali Qadr Moula tus ni Umer Sharif ne Qayamat na din lag Daraaz kare. We eagerly await the Tashreef Aawri of Aqa Moula (tus) in Texas in Houston, in Plano and in Dallas and perform the Iftetah of the newly built Masjid in Plano.