Saheb e Dawat – Shehzada Malekul Ashtar Bhai Saheb Shujauddin (DM) visit to Plano

This visit by Saheb e Dawat of Texas, Shehzada Malekul Ashtar Bhai Saheb Shujauddin (DM), continues to be an extraordinary one.

  • Plano Jamaat had the Sharaf of commencing the visit with a special arrival and Maqdam Majlis, where Aqa Moula (tus) Misaal Mubarak were conveyed. Misaq Majlis was held.
  • Mumineen were blessed with Qadam and Ziyafat Sharaf – with the umeed that Shehzada Saheb (DM) being Saheb e Dawat will convey our Araz to Aqa Moula (tus) and one day we will hear the Bushra that Syedi Saheb (DM) will bring Moula (tus) to Texas, to Plano, and to the houses of Mumineen.
  • During this visit Saheb e Dawat, it was announced that Janab Shk. Shakir Bhai Burhani would be the Head Moallim of Plano Madrasa – and Shehzada Saheb (DM) bestowed us with the name – Madrasa Shujaee.
  • As we continue to have the Sharaf of the presence of Syedi Saheb (DM) in Plano, The highlight of the Safar continues to be when Shehzada Saheb (DM) expressed the Niyat that inshallah Yaha Plano ma Aqa Moula (tus) na Ashara naseeb thai. Within moments of this announcement – Mumineen with Jazba, feeling the Nazar of Shehzada Saheb (DM) came forward with Niyats of Khidmat towards Ashara in Plano.
  • Up until now, are utmost umeed was that Shehzada Saheb (DM) Moula (tus) ne Plano lai ne Padhaare – Moula (tus) Masjid nu Iftetah farmaawe and Mumineen ne Ziyafat nu sharaf mile. Now because of Shehzada Saheb (DM), we can actually dream of an Ashara in Plano.

How deeply and utterly blessed Mumineen of Plano are to have Saheb e Dawat do such a Niyat.